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The adult food for our dogs is the Salmon Sweetpotato food from Costco. We assume that sweet potatoes do not need much herbicide and salmon, even farm raised ones may not have too many medications in their food, that is similar to Koi food. They, the dogs,  have always a good body odor with that, not like the stuff from the grocery store. And it is gluten free, which helps against allergies and yeast infections in ears. Two dogs, one who was given to me and the other i bought as a bag of bones in a sore skin got rid of their allergies with the food change and melafix swabbings of the ears and body sores, grew beautiful coats and did not need any medication..  I never had any allergy problems with my own breedings nor any reports about such conditions. He is very handsome and happy now. Some dogs like fruit, but eat it only when chemical free. Hawk likes Bananas, Jessie berries, watermelon, they like dried figs, dates, apricots all organic please, no chemicals added.. They do like veggies over their food, it is good for them. In other words home cooked leftovers are just fine along with the regular food. Milk over her puppy chow in the early stage is necessary. I buy whole natural milk for myself and share it with puppies. it is nutritious and I do not have to eat extra food to make up for what has been taken out of the milk.
Please do not hesitate to share your experiences with Airedale Terriers, we all can learn from them and help each other to manage wonderful dogs. 
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