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Yes, Jessica will put the ball back into your hand or can catch it in her mouth. She will actually try to play ball with another dog but neither Hawk catches on nor did Roxy, as smart as she was. Just not too many repetitions at one time, that gets boring.
Make sure she does not get to any rodent poison, Ben, a beautiful stud dog, on a 1000 acre farm got into a 5 gal bucket of rat poison and died a miserable death. The airedales like the food with molasses. Make absolutely sure they cannot worry that lid open, they are very determined, extremely strong tenacious dogs.
 All my female Airedales were,  are, born nursemaids, babysitters for other animals. Even Sherlock, that big old mutt, would hardly allow me to take care of some babychicks. They were his. As soon as she came into the house Natasha, his mother had to check first on a baby goat, that came to us from out-of-state and had to be kept in the laundry room due to very cold weather They bond with other animals!!! 
When Roxy, the Wheaton got killed Jessie cried like I have never heard an animal cry in sadness.  
This winter after the ice storm Jessica tried to save the koi that got injured,  killed, electrocuted by gently nudging them with her nose.  She saved two.  
Expect your puppy to bond with all your animals and in due time to alert you one way or the other when something is out of order.  Martina, Natasha and Jessica  let my husband know when the phone was ringing. Martina would remind me if something was boiling to strongly on the stove.
All our Airedales, male or female cannot stand opossums, they will kill them if they can catch them. THEY REMIND THEM PROBABLY OF BADGERS FROM THEIR LONG REMOTE NATIVE COUNTRY IN YORKSHIRE England. 
Squirrels: no Madame they are way up in the tree, we do not waste our time, although  Tyger, Hawk and Sherlock cought a few careless ones.
Raccoon: indifferent. 
Deer: smells like goat, is ok.  
Wild pigs need to be checked out, if trained to hunt them they will certainly oblige you with mucho gusto. 
Cows and horses: large friends, great!
All our dogs were good at herding, Jessica and Roxy the best and now Hawk and Jessica as good.
If you have to pass animals from one quarter to another, they will count them. The head goes back and forth as the animals pass and make sure that none strays away. 

They do love water and most of them will go swimming with you in a natural setting. Jessica just loves water. She hops into the large outdoor fishtanks and the earthen pond many times a day. The only time she did not go into a pond was on a wet cold day after the ice storm when we pulled-sawed-pulled the 20'  +  branches out of the pond this winter. She just watched. 
By walking your puppy near a creek or putting a solid flat container in the yard you will find out if she enjoys water. Most of our dogs loved the water. Sherlock only to his shoulders. When I tried to swim with him he climbed onto my back, all eighty pounds with claws attached.
The more you engage your puppy the more it will understand you. Talk to your dog: let’s go feed the chickens, the horses need water, we have to check on the laundry, turnoff the pumps, play ball, hop into the truck, etc. besides the normal commands for good behaviour. You can actually see with your eyes that they think, make decisions, try to reason things out beyond instinct conditioned 
Remember always: Your dog loves you and wants to be with YOU! Do never forget that. Open doors, your careless move or forgetting that your dog wants to be with you can cause him to make the wrong decision. He needs to learn to STAY. And you need to learn to watch beyond that to safeguard disaster.
We want to place the puppies in the best possible environment with owners who have “dog sense” and especially Airdale Terrier sense.

FAMILY AND WORKING DOG IS A GOOD COMBINATION mainly for an Airedale. Train your dog as much as you can and continue doing so. TShe will behappy if she can achieve something, do it right. The puppies are very alert and think early on their own. They  definitely enjoy company and absorb all the love they can get yet are sharp dogs from little on.  Agility is also very good on both parents side, no contests, only observation.

  They learn fast to be housebroken. Female dogs even faster, within a very few days, than little males.