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All my female Airedales were, are born nursemaids, babysitters for other animals. Even Sherlock that big old mutt would hardly allow me to take care of some baby chicks. They were his.  They bond!! When Roxy, the Wheaton got killed Jessie cried like I have never heard an animal cry in sadness. And I best not mention her name or say Daddy, mentioning my husband, because she will tilt her head and look at me with sad eyes and ask me why I I stir up old wounds.  She tried to save the koi that got injured, killed, electrocuted in the ice storm; she was able to save two by gently nudging them into movement and continuing to do so until they were able to swim. Expect her to bond with all your animals and in due time to alert you one way or the other when something is out of order, p.e. when the barred owl calls over the fish tanks Jessica will make certain that I hear it. Expect her to call your attention to new arrivals on the farm, i. e kidding, calving, hatching etc. She will not rest until you go with her to check on things, maybe pulling your hand with a happy grin on her face, eager to share the good tidings. Let’s not forget Natasha, she and Sherlock showed time and again that they knew the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. They have a different odor. What many other dogs cannot judge properly is the reach of a coiled snake when striking. They misjudge and get bitten.  I had pictures to proof that but .lost them in a huge power failure. Martina was the only dog who I witnessed killing a poisonous snake. She held her with her strong front paws, grabbed her behind the neck and shook her, braking her neck.  They bowl over turtles and check them out but hate alligator turtles and will alert you to their presence.

None ever killed a chicken on purpose

They may make a study in fowl anatomy, pull some feathers, but even two big Airedales will not kill a chicken, they know that those birds belong to you. Jessica will occasionally ‘collect’ a single egg that a forgetful chicken laid in an open spot.

Your dogs can be trained at an early age to hunt. They are used to hunt bear, lion, big cats, wild hogs, deer, raccoon, coyote or what your fancy strikes.

 All our Airedales, male or female cannot stand opossums, they will kill them. THEY REMIND THEM PROBABLY OF BADGERS FROM THEIR LONG REMOTE ANCESTRAL COUNTRY IN YORKSHIRE.

From the standpoint of a farming Airedale: Raccoon: indifferent, but can be hunted. Deer: smells like goat, is ok, can be hunted. Wild pigs need to be checked out and can be hunted if properly trained. Our dogs generally considered them as livestock inhabiting the woods. Squirrels: no Madame, they are way up in the tree, we do not waste our time, although Tiger, Hawk and Sherlock caught a few careless ones. Rats are on the off-list, need to be scouted out.

All our dogs were good at herding although Jess and Roxy the best and now Hawk and Jessie as good. If you have to pass animals from one quarter to another, they will count them. The head goes back and forth as the animals pass.

The more you engage her the more you get out of her. Talk to her: let’s go feed the chickens, the horses need water, we have to give hay, let’s go to the house, let’s go into the kitchen, we have to do etc. They also like to play, may retrieve and drop a ball into your hand. Jessie will. But they get quickly bored with too many repetitions at a time. They can catch things with their mouth if you have time to teach them. They are agile and can jump hurdles. They are eager to learn! They can be taught to be messenger dogs - World War One -, pack-dogs for trail and mountain climbing and are naturally watchdogs, another ancestral feature inherited from the live in the hills of Yorkshire were they had to watch the farm animals, homestead and be companions to their owners.

Another trait related to the Yorkshire ancestry is their love for water. They have supposedly Otter hound in their breeding. Most of them will readily go swimming with you; some go into the water anytime but only shoulder high. Jessica hops into the ponds many times during the day in the summer, less often when the temperature drops below 50 degree Fahrenheit.

When in conversation with strangers your dog may quietly interpose himself between you and the other person, strangers that seemingly come to close, mainly if that person is lively and uses a lot of body language.

They will never befriend an outright evil person. But they do not discriminate against people temporarily on the wrong path.

They should learn fast to be housebroken. Out!!! as soon as they wake up, Out!! Again after a meal and before bedtime and in-between as often as necessary. When they start to play hard out!!!! Just like a child. The OUT!!! is to be done quietly, gently and fast to not frighten the puppy. And praise the little fellow for good behavior. Do not ever forget that he wants to please and love you. That is his main mission in live for whatever you train him.

All of this does not happen overnight, it will gradually develop.